Jules Chevrel

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Jules Chevrel is best known as the possible (probable?) publisher of many of Martin Van Maele's best erotic work in portfolio but little else is known of Chevrel. This page will be updated over time with a hodge-podge of my research notes, images, musings, etc. Please note this information is not definative and will no doubt change as new info comes to light.

The only known address of Chevrel's bookstore was located at 29 rue du Seine. Paris, France. The earliest verifiable reference to this address was found in Bibliographie de la France. 1 Jan 1896. pp 576. However, Google Books lists an unviewable 1895 Chevrel book catalogue. The latest reference to the bookstore was found in Annuaire de la curiosité et des beaux-arts et de la Bibliophile. Paris, 1934. pp 150.

For future reference, there is another Chevrel book catalogue (1908) held at the library of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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Research Notes:

Publisher 'L'Edition' is an imprint of Bibliothèque des Curieux (Briffaut). Dual publisher names on Le Liaisons Dangereuses and Les Fleurs du Mal.

Trivia: Publisher Gervais Charpentier (1805-1871) known bookstore address in 1841: 29 rue du Seine (M. Guizot. Essais Sur L'histoire de France).