Martin Van Maele

Signature Examples

When Martin Van Maele signed his work it was usually with either a single monogram of his initials or 'Martin' with the monogram; though on rare occasions he spelled out his name. But often his erotic work was left unsigned, such as the etchings in his tour de force "Grande Danse Macabre des vifs".

Sur Mer et Sur Terre, 1885

La Vie Parisienne, 1893

Le Bas du Pavé Parisien, 1894

Tchérikof, 1904

La Flagellation Amoureuse, 1904

The two examples below are from a portfolio of 12 watercolors held at Kinsey Institute (nd)

An inscription by Martin Van Maele to the artist Henry Bosc, signed on the back of the frontispiece to Ma ve de garcon (1882). "one more jewel for the case of the sympathetic and delicate connoisseur H. Bosc, April 22, 1922" (Christies auction. Sale 3537, Oct 30, 2012)