Martin Van Maele

Examples of His Drawings in Periodicals

Early in Martin Van Maele's career, before he did erotic illustrations for Charles Carrington, Jean Fort, and Jules Chevrel, his drawings appeared in various French periodicals such as Le Magasin Pittoresque, Le Monde Illustrée, Le Petit Français Illustré, Revue Illustré, and La Vie Parisienne. He also did many of the cover and interior illustrations for the French serials of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, c.1905-1906.

Below are just a few examples of Van Maele's drawings (click on an image for a larger view)

Le Magasin Pittoresque

Published 1890

La Maison Quantin

About La Maison Quantin


Published 1895, series 13

Le Monde Illustrée

Published Mar. 9, 1889

Published Jun. 4, 1892

Le Petit Français Illustré

About Le Petit Français Illustré

Published Mar. 9, 1889

Published Feb. 27, 1892

La Vie Parisienne


Published Sep. 23, 1893