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Welcome to the Erotica Bibliophile

The Erotica Bibliophile is an ongoing research project on vintage erotica and erotic art published between the 18th and early 20th centuries, including: the history of erotic literature, a collection of the vintage erotic illustrations and drawings, and information on the publishers and artists.

Many of the important erotica illustrators active during that period are represented here through their drawings as well as many detailed check-lists of publications that contain that artist's work; artists which include: Martin van Maele, Felicien Rops, Luc Lafnet, Louis Maltese, Paul Avril, etc.

If it's the publishers of vintage clandestine erotica that you're interested in you will find extensive, annotated checklists and information in general on publishers such as Charles Carrington (Paul Ferdinando), William Dugdale and Jean Fort (Collection des Orties Blanches).

WHAT'S NEW: January 2019

Recently published: Catalogue 1: Rara Eros by Steve Gertz's Booktryst.
"Within you will see many scarce and obscure books that have not been seen in decades if not longer, artist proofs, and titlepages and illustrations published for the first time outside of the books themselves. Featuring 60 items, including books and prints, it is illustrated with over 82 images, the majority in full color."

View the catalogue here: Catalogue 1: Rara Eros

WHAT'S NEW: June 2017

CORRECTION to Martin Van Maele book: Entry #79 Le Jardin Parfumé - The entry in the Park-Bernet auction catalogue attributing the illustrations to Fredillo is, in fact, correct. There were actually two editions with illustrations by Martin Van Maele and one with illustrations by Fredillo.

Le Jardin Parfumé - Fredillo

Le Jardin Parfumé - Martin Van Maele

WHAT'S NEW: January 2017

– Added census records, catalgue cover images, birth/marriage/death records to the Charles Carrington Research Documents page.

– Updated bio page of Jean Fort

WHAT'S NEW: December 2016

Updated the J. Chevrel page with additional title pages, some with thanks to a collector.

I have begun linking the Carrington titles to its title page image. I don't have them all but where I do, the title will be underlined denoting a link. At this point I'm only doing the Carrington pages that are by title. One day, if I get really bored, I may do the same for the pages by year. I'm currently working on the A-D titles.

WHAT'S NEW: September 2016

Erotic illustrations done by Le Poitevin in a portfolio titled Diableries.
Additional information can be found on Booktryst

WHAT'S NEW: August 2016

On December 9, 2016, Belier Press will publish
Possibilities: The Photographs of John Willie.
Click picture below for more information.

Possibilities John Willie

WHAT'S NEW: January 2016

Anyone know who the artist is?

Unknown Artist

WHAT'S NEW: June 2015

Link: Paris Olympa Press - A Collector's Blog. Steve Mullin's collection and search for all ephemera related to the Paris Olympia Press

Anti-clerical erotic illustrations attributed to Delcroche for Thérèse Philosophe

Erotic and anti-clerical illustrations done by Fredillo for Liqueurs & Parfums

HELP NEEDED: I'm looking for the title page of La Sorciére (Paris: J. Chevrel, 1911). Please contact me if you can contribute a scan. Thank you!

WHAT'S NEW: May 2015

Publisher Jules Chevrel... Early research work with a hodge-podge of my research notes, images, musings, etc.

Illustrations...Letters on Discipline
Illustrations by bondage artist "Jim" (pseudonym)

WHAT'S NEW: April 2015

Martin Van Maele:
An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist

Hard-copy now available on Amazon!

WHAT'S NEW: March 2015
Available on Kindle
Martin Van Maele:
An Illustrated Bibliographical Checklist

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I could not have come as far as I have with this research project without the continued support and generosity of the following people: Patrick Kearney, J.B. Rund, Peter Mendes, Steve Gertz, and especially the private collectors I wish I could name but who prefer to remain anonyomous.
Line drawing by Boris