Carrington Research Documents

Below are just a few of the documents I used in my Carrington research. Additional sources include information that came from many verbal and email communications with Peter Mendes, Patrick Kearney, J.B. Rund, Steve Gertz and Gilbert Rigot (Carrington's great-great nephew); numerous auction, library and bookseller catalogues; and actual examination of many of the books during my visit to the Kinsey Institute Library. General background and historical information came from a multitude of sources such as those publications written by Jay Gerzman "Bookleggers and Smuthounds", Gerson Legman "The Horn Book", Patrick Kearney "A History of Erotic Literature, Peter Mendes "Clandestine Erotic Fiction in English 1800-1930", etc.

Advertisements and Catalogues

These first 2 images from Straparola, 1906

"Le Rire" Dec. 31, 1904

Complete 1902 book .pdf

Complete catalogue .pdf

Complete 1904 catalogue .pdf

Census Records

1871 Census (St. Peters, Bethnal Green) snippet

1881 Census (St. Philips, Tower Hamlets) snippet

1891 Census snippet (Carrington at the home of his sister, Ruth Oates)

Other Documents

Paul Ferdinando's Genealogy

Paul's baptism record

Marriage record

Death certificate

Note of condolence (pg 1)

Note of condolence (pg 2)

Gravesite of Paul Henri Ferdinando (1868-1921) and his wife Jeanne Heloise Espargilliere (1867-1902) in Cimetière de Bagneux, Ivry-sur-Seine, Paris, France.
(Colligan. "A Publisher's Paradise", 2014)

Carrington's Family Tree (immediate family)


Frances Charlotte Ferdinando (sister)
Emma Walker (aunt) and Emma Ferdinando (niece) (I don't know who the man is in the photo. Possibly Emma's husband?)
Benjamin Ferdinando (nephew)