La Pucelle d'Orléans

Written by Voltaire (1694-1778), La Pucelle d'Orléans made its first (unauthorized) appearance in 1755...La Pucelle d'Orléans. Poème héroï-comique. Première édition (sic), Paris, 1755. Small 12mo. 216 pp. (BNF: RES P-YE-3; Bengesco: 477). Published as 14 'chants', the publisher claimed the work was a transcription of eight of Voltaire's manuscripts. Voltaire denied the attribution.

The first edition authorized by Voltaire was published in 1762...[Genève: Cramer], MDCCLXII. 8vo. viii + 358pp. It is comprised of new chants (VIII, IX, XVI, XVII and XVIII) and chant XX is almost entirely rewritten. This edition also contains 20 engravings attributed to Gravelot, though unsigned (BNF: RES-YE-5079; Bengesco: 488).

La Pucelle was condemened by the Roman Catholic church on January 20th, 1767 (Index librorum prohibitorum. 1786, p.135). Eight months later, eight printers and bookbinders were found guilty of continuing to publish the book clandestinely and were sentenced to three years banishment (Bengesco: p.127).

Despite being banned by Rome, La Pucelle was the tenth best-seller in France between the period of 1769 and 1789.

This is not meant to be a checklist. Instead it is an archive of editions that I have a title page and/or an illustration for. This page will be updated as I aquire new images.

Pucelle d'Orleans Louvain 1755 Pucelle Louvain 1755 Pirate
Unauthorized 1755 Editions
(Bengesco: 478; BNF: RES-YE-2391)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1756
1756 Edition.
Small 8vo. 161pp. Augmented (in back) with L'Epitre de Junquières.
Otherwise an exact reproduction of the 1755 edition. Not in Bengesco. (Private Collection).

Pucelle d'Orleans 1762 Pucelle d'Orleans 1762
1st Authorized Edition (1762)
[Genève: Cramer], MDCCLXII. 8vo. viii + 358pp. 20 engravings attributed to Gravelot.
There are other editions dated 1762, including one with engravings by Drake.
(Bengesco: 488. Bibliotheque Erotique Gerard Nordmann: Dec. 2006, Lot: 556)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1764
1764 edition.
(202 x 123mm) xvi + 384pp. Frontispiece + 20 plates.
(Bengesco: 491. Cohen-de-Ricci 1030)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1765
1765 Conculix edition.
12cm. 2 volumes: 138pp., [139]-266pp. 20 engravings.
(Bengesco: 492. Bibliothèque Nationale: ENFER-583)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1765 Pucelle d'Orleans 1765
1765 edition.
24mo. vii + 238pp. Frontis (portrait of Voltaire) + 18 engravings
(Bengesco: note to 492; Private Collection)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1766
1766 edition.
Small 8vo. 2 volumes in one. 303pp. Frontis + 26 engravings signed 'L. Drake'
(Bengesco: 493. Bibliotheque Erotique Gerard Nordmann: Dec. 2006, Lot: 557)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1773 Pucelle d'Orleans 1773
1773 edition.
À Londres: chez les Héritiers des Elzevirs, Blaew & Vascosan, MDCCLXXIII
12mo. 167pp. 19 watercolors after Eisen. Not in Bengesco.
(Bibliotheque Erotique Gerard Nordmann: Dec. 2006, Lot: 558)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1775 Pucelle d'Orleans 1775
1775 'Temple du Gout' edition.
8vo. 420pp. 21 plates. Frontispiece attributed to Desrais. Not in Bengesco.
(Private Collection)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1775 Pucelle d'Orleans 1775
1775 edition.
8vo. xv + 447pp. Frontispiece + 21 plates.
(British Library: P.C.30.d.34. Bibliothèque Nationale: ENFER-580)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1780
1780 edition.
[Paris: Lamy, Pissot et Valade]. 8vo. 2 volumes in one. 218pp., 180pp. 18 engravings, by Marillier?
(Bengesco: 506; Bibliotheque Erotique Gerard Nordmann: Dec. 2006, Lot: 561)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1780 Pucelle d'Orleans 1780
1780 edition.
18to. 264pp. Frontispiece + 18 engravings
(Bengesco: 505; Bibliothèque Nationale: ENFER-582. British Library: P.C.31.c.26)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1792 Pucelle d'Orleans 1792
1792 edition.
A Paris: [n.p.], 1792. 9cm x 15cm. 2 volumes bound as 1. 258pp., 180pp.
Frontispiece + 23 engravings hors-texte. Not in Bengesco.
(Private Collection)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1798 Pucelle d'Orleans 1798
c.1798 edition.
[Paris: Crapelet]. Large 8vo. 2 volumes. 223pp., 243pp.
21 engravings by Monsiau, Le Barbier, Monnet et Marillier
(Bengesco: 514; Private Collection)

Pucelle d'Orleans 1816
1816 edition.
Paris: Antoine-Augustin Renouard, 1816. 21cm. 391pp. 21 engravings
Engravings by R. Delvaux, Simonet, Girardet, Massard, B.A. Nicollet, Godefroy, Villerey, E. de Ghendt., N. Thomas, Ph. Trière after illustrations by Moreau.
(Bengesco: 523; Saint John's University (MN): PQ2080 .P7 1816)