Le Roman de Violette

Unknown. Paris: Lisbonne: chez Antonio da Boa-Vista, 1870 [c.1883].
Frontispiece + 5 illustrations by Fredillo
(Images contributed by Serge Gollifman)

First published in Bruxelles by Augustin Brancart in 1870 [c.1883] as "Le Roman de Violette". A later edition was published, c.1883, probably by Kistemaeckers, with 6 engravings by Fredillo. The English translation was published, possibly by Mlle. Doucé, in 1891 as "The Romance of Violette".

Through the years the authorship of this work has been falsely attributed to Théophile Gautier, Victor Hugo or Alexandre Dumas...however, the author of "Violette" is now believed to be Mannoury d'Ectot; a host to poets and artists at her house in northern France and girlfriend of Théodore Hannon, author of "Rimes de joie" (1881).