Edward Sellon

An Outline of His Life

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This is a work in progress. There's not a lot of information to be found on Edward Sellon than what has alread been discovered.
However, I will add to this page as new information arises.

Ancestry & Family

Edward Sellon was born January 6, 1818 in Brighton, Sussex, England and, as far as I can determine, the only child born to Edward Sellon, Sr. (1791-1822) and Laura Willats (1794–1872).

Edward married Sarah Ann Wilds February 29, 1840 in Brighton.

Children of Edward and Sarah (all born in Brighton):

Edward Sellon committed suicide two days after the sudden death of his wife. He died by a gunshot wound at the Webbs Hotel in Picadilly, London, England on 17 Apr 1866. His wife is buried at St. Nicolas' Churchyard along side her parents.

Life of Edward Sellon

Edward enlisted in the military at the age of 16. Two years later he was charged with: (1) grossly abusive and highly insulting language towards Lieut. Herbert William Wood and Lieut. Henry Col heck and (2) presented a loaded pistol at Lieut. Wood, with intent to shoot him. He was aquitted on grounds of insanity.

The following are some of the titles he is known to have written or illustrated:

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