Le Moyen de Parvenir

Beroalde de Verville. Paris: Jean Fort, 1921. (23 x 13.5 cm). xii + 458 pp. Frontispiece + 7 full-page engravings (unsigned) and numerous large illustrated head and tail-pieces by Martin Van Maele (signed with his monogram). There are about 10 designs of tail-pieces used throughout the book.

Printed in a limited edition of 800 numbered copies, of which 65 are on Holland with a triple suite of etchings, one in color, and an original drawing; 35 copies on Holland with a double suite of engravings; 100 copies on antique laid paper, of which 35 contain a double suite of engravings; 600 copies on papier pur fil.

My copy, no. 160, contains one set of engravings.