La Légende des Sexes

A suite of 12 colored plates done à la poupĂ©e by Martin Van Maele (these are enhanced); in a pirated edition of Edmond Harcourt's La Légende des Sexes. A suite was also done in monochrome. In at least two instances, this particular copy differs from the one sold by Christie's (Fekete) image 3 below, the color of the dresses worn by the two women in the foreground are switched. AND in image 5 below, the woman lays on a blue and red cushion while in the other copy the cushion is all red. I have not compared the other plates so there may, or may not, be other differences.

Sources: Christie's (Fekete): Lot 211 (18 Nov 2014) — Hotel Durout: Sale 7, Lot 289 (21 Jun 2022)

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