Les Confessions de Miss Coote

Jean de Villiot. Paris: Charles Carrington, 1906

15.4cm. x 22.86cm. xlviii + 193pp. Printed by Félix Guy et Ce in a limited edition of 750 copies on Arches. Title page printed in red and black. 11 illustrations within the text + 8 full-page in-text illustrations + 3 full-page engravings, all by Martin van Maele.

From the series La Flagellation à Travers le Monde. The story retains the flagellation scenes from the English edition but is expurgated of all the sexual descriptions. The author of Miss Coote is William Lazenby [Ashbee: Vol.3, pp. 244 and 344]. Lazenby is also the author of the sequel The Covenant School, published in London, 1879 [Ashbee: Vol.3, p.244]. In this present work, page i-xiv contains an excerpt from L'Avenir de la Flagellation. Page xiv-xlviii contains letters from the newspaper "The Sun" during the months of November and December, 1905. First published as a serial in the underground Victorian magazine The Pearl: Issue 1, 1879 through Issue 10, 1880.

Previously published in 1892 by Augustin Brancart and/or Francois Van Crombrugge as Confessions of Miss Coote and again in c.1902 by the Bergé family as Miss Coote's Confession. Jean Fort also published an edition as Memoires de Miss Coote under his imprint "Bibliothèque des deux hémisphères" in 1911.