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Martin Van Maele

Over the past three years Luc Binet and I have done extensive research on Martin Van Maele. Our endeavor has not only resulted in the discovery of many works previously unknown and unrecorded (not even in my original checklist) but, and most importantly, biographical information about the man himself!

The information below is from Martin Van Maele's death certificate and visual confirmation of his grave site.

On October 12th 1863 in the city of Boulogne sur Seine, France (which was renamed Boulogne-Billancourt in 1924) Virginie Mathilde Jeanne Van Maele and Louis Alfred Martin (himself an engraver and later a teacher at the Beaux-Arts school in Geneva) became the proud parents of Maurice Fran├žois Alfred Martin. Until now, we knew Maurice only by the pseudonym he used to sign his erotic artwork with: Martin Van Maele.

Also from his death certificate we know he was married to Marie Fran├žoise Genet, who lived in Chantilly (Oise), France at the time of his death. They had no children. We also know her brother, Philibert Genet, lived in Lyons, France.

Martin Van Maele died on September 5th, 1926 and is buried in the cemetery of Varennes-Jarcy, France.

Martin Van Maele Death Certificate

MVM Death Certificate

Martin Van Maele Gravesite

MVM Grave Site

Line drawing by Boris
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